You And Your Rights Kickstarter

The idea is simple, publish this 750 pages Book explaining Identity and Your Rights with the use of Typography and Symbols…


Imagine what the World would be without identity and what your mind would do or what would be your reaction around the concept of someone trying to persuade you the idea of Identity.

16 Pages of 750p.16 Pages of 750p.

I spent all my life trying to understand Identity, what identity is and the relation with the human rights. I have realized that this is a very complex concept. I had many question, starting from:

What is identity and what are the principles of Identity?

Why is identity so important?

How do we know the rights of our Identity?

How are Identities formed?

Then I have started looking at many different ways in which Identity can be categorized.

With You and Your Rights – the Book

– I want to provide a clear definition of Law of Identity.

– The Book is a social structure in terms of Gender, Class and Nation which provide Law information with strong Typography, Illustration and use of Signs to make the language and the message easy, fun and accessible to everyone of all ages, culture or race.

In 1979 You And Your Rights was published for the first time, since then the Book was forgotten. In 2011 Awarded by Neville Brody, D&AD and British Book and Design Awards as the Best Student Book of the Year in United Kingdom. In 2013 just with your help the Book can be published. Giving life, new form and contemporary language. The New edition can be now accessible to anyone and easy to understand it. Inspiring, creative and communicative, a Book made specially for You.

Understanding the meaning of the text involves taking on an appropriate ideological identity.


I have started this project in 2007 with which I have devoted my entire University degree and since then I am spending 24 hours by 24 hours working in You and Your Rights researching and putting everything together and solid from ideas and concepts .

Being a Graphic Designer specialized in type and print, I want to create a Unique Book that not only stay on the shelf spruce as simple piece of decoration but a document type Dictionary key to Law and Identity.

The ambition of this project is to create a Masterpiece with strong use of Typography and Unique Visual style. The book will take the audience to reflect on today´s Identity and copyright.

This is a very unique book based on it´s first edition 1979 I have decided to redesign with contemporary language to make it accessible to everyone, all age and race. A new visual reading experience to such an significant and influential book.


The Book is Best New Blood 2011The Book is Best New Blood 2011

You and Your Rights the D&AD Best New Blood Winner 2011. Announcing the award the D&AD president quoted Neville Brody who said that You And Your Rights was `the best piece of print I´ve seen in years´.

The book was awarded by the British Book Design and production Awards 2011 as Best Student Book ´Shortlist´.

British Book Design And Production AwardsBritish Book Design And Production Awards

I am exited to invite you to Be part of this unique project. You can see below examples of the available rewards:

A limited edition of 130 pages will be published with a much lower cost... to start just only 100 copies will be released.

Signed limited edition 100 soft bound printed Books (130p.)Signed limited edition 100 soft bound printed Books (130p.)
Limited edition of 100 A2 signed printed poster.Limited edition of 100 A2 signed printed poster.

An event will be organized for London Design Festival.An event will be organized for London Design Festival.
A set of 80 different Post cards will be printed.A set of 80 different Post cards will be printed.
100 different T-shirts - Limited edition/ Mens - womans100 different T-shirts – Limited edition/ Mens – womans
100 different Wall Stickers will be available (limited edition).100 different Wall Stickers will be available (limited edition).

2,600 Postcard will be available

You and Your Rights - 2014 CalendarYou and Your Rights – 2014 Calendar


After the awards that this Book has and being recognized by the Top Designers and institutions in United Kingdom, it is lamentable to keep it without publishing, so I ask for your help and with your support this dream will be reality.