Help fund the Mockumentary “Sidney’s Clients”

It takes a special type of crazy to stick to the Hollywood Scene for many years, and Talent Agent Sidney Fuller represents them all.

What does Star Trek, The Twilight Zone, Dexter, Married With Children, Bewitched, Nip/Tuck, Malcolm in the Middle, Spike TV, Bring it On, Britney Spears, NSYNC, Brothers and Sisters, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Weeds, The Bold and The Beautiful, Gunsmoke, The Parkers, The Fosters, The One Percent, Knot’s Landing, Mission Impossible … okay, now we’re just name dropping. What you have is real Hollywood movers willing to share their lives with you. Of course, we’re going to pretend it’s scripted in the event the public has an issue with their behavior, but we’re going to take their day to day experiences and show them to you. The way this came together was my personal Blessing of making friends with each of these amazing people and my being so enamoured with them that I wanted to share who I see with you. These are a bunch of “nuts” I’m proud to call my friends, and I think they’re more interesting than most of the people that spend their time fake fighting on the TV screen.

For years, Widestance Productions has been bringing shows that make people laugh to the stage in Philadelphia, Boston and Los Angeles. Lately, it’s tougher to get folks away from their computers so we’ve decided to bring the fun to you. Unfortunately, our actors are tough to pin down with their daily grind, so we decided we’d just follow them around with cameras during their average day and see how they behave. The camera reveals that to make it Hollywood, you have to have at least one major quirk (and more often several). Sidney Fuller, a has-been talent agent who sells out his clients to a reality show Producer to keep his failing agency alive picks the most colorful of his clients. What Sidney didn’t realize is that his clients are even nuttier than he already knew and he’s kind of a nut himself. In fact, he thinks they all have crazy Spiritual ideals, so he calls their world “Holywood”. He can’t control them and ends up having to work double time making sure that they don’t do anything too embarrassing in front of the cameras. The fun in this fake reality show is that most of what happens on camera actually is reality and actually did happen, more than likely to one of our actors. We won’t tell you who though. Although this casually filmed intro was produced in an acting studio, we’re going to take the crew out on the streets – literally where they spend their days and nights to show you THEIR Hollywood which is hardly the glamorous life depicted on most shows. You’ll also find it’s not as scary as some of the crime dramas portray, although we can’t promise these actors won’t have run ins with the law. We hope to fund the first 2 episodes totaling 44 minutes with your generosity.

And in case you don’t recognize our cast, we have the legendary Arlene Martel, most famous for playing Spock’s wife on “Star Trek” among many memorable roles such as Melvina the Terrible on “Bewitched” or the chilling Nurse at the morgue in ‘Twilight Zone”. Our sexy male lead is Gustavo Carr who is best known for “Bring it On: All or Nothing”.Donna Pieroni has nearly one hundred shows to her name as a character actress that include anything from “Mad TV” to “Dexter” and “Weeds”. Marc Segal brings great comedic timing to the role of Sidney just as he did spoofing Sophia Petrillo in a musical tribute of “The Golden Girls”. Among other things Kirstina Colonna was recently named MacEnstein’s “hot chick of the month” and is well known to the modeling world and fans of Spike TV. Daffany Clark is a hilarious comic actor who is best known for “The One Percent” and “The Fosters”. And Barbara Scolaro has been in movies and TV to include “Malcolm in the Middle”, “Boston Legal” and “Nip/Tuck”

We will do our best to pitch the show to E, Netflix, Hulu, and Bravo to start. Although with the fast changing world of TV we could end up anywhere.