The Max Adventure Animation Kickstarter

Join the excitement! Join the thrills! Join the ADVENTURE! MAX ADVENTURE! Educational entertainment for the entire family!

Max AdventureMax Adventure
Max's ShipMax’s Ship
Action moment with Max and PhemAction moment with Max and Phem
Nemisian GuardNemisian Guard

“Max Adventure has had a bad day. He’s become lost in space, sucked into a black hole, and crash landed on a strange planet. Only two people know where he is: His lively sidekick Tug-Butt, and his feisty friend Phem. Together, they help their new friends, the Nemisians, fight against the evil Seth Cordall and the Goranian Army. Along they way they learn valuable life lessons while meeting strange and wonderful new people. And hope that one day, they can find a way home.”

Our desire is to introduce fantasy based, family friendly entertainment in the form of animated programming to help educate parents and children in coping with behavioral and emotional situations. This type of entertainment was popular in the 1980s with shows such as He-Man, Fat Albert, G.I Joe, and Thundercats. In doing so, we will be providing a community service and offering employee welfare and compensation to owners and investors.