The GearPull Kickstarter – A Revolutionary Dangler #crowdfunding

The GearPull: A Revolutionary Dangler

The most satisfying way to carry & deploy the key chain sized gear you use every day.

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What’s a Dangler?

A Dangler is basically a hook from which things dangle. Mine isn’t the only one out there, but it is unique. Other than the design, fit and finish, what makes the GearPull special is it’s inherent potential. It’s a personal accessory, customized by the user to suit their own priorities. The GearPull comes in Brass, Copper and Pure Titanium.


Ok, it’s a grand adjective but YES, this is a revolutionary Dangler.

To be clear: The GearPull is the only Dangler available today which offers attachment points arranged on a lateral axis, allowing your keys and gear to sit side by side, flat against your leg instead of in an uncomfortable, disorganized jumble. This is a major advantage.

Need some suggestions for how it may work for you?

Starting to get the idea?

When used for pocket carry, a Dangler offers the most rapid access to key chain sized gear. All Danglers give you the ability to suspend your gear, preventing it from getting lost at the bottom of your pocket, pack or purse, but in designing the GearPull I set out to solve some additional problems.

Resolved: The Dangler must be simple, beautiful, functional and versatile. It must allow for any number between 1 and 5 items to be carried symmetrically and comfortably, have a dedicated tether point at the top, and make customization fun.

Organization: The attachment point holes are 1/8″ in diameter except for the center hole which is 3/16″. They are all 1/16″ inch away from the base of the unit, which means you won’t warp smaller split rings when threading them in. I recommend hanging just three items from the left right and center holes with 20mm (#1) “McGizmo” clips, but the GearPull can accommodate up to 5 items with numerous attachment methods while still functioning well, as long as the user takes care in designing the layout. Flat items like keys stack well in greater numbers from a single attachment point.

Ergonomics: Every edge is radiused and every unit is hand-formed and polished by me. The GearPull feels good to the touch and will never snag or chaff. It’s a Dangler conceived and designed to ride in a pocket pack or purse, but the user experience is primarily one of contact and physical interaction. Looking good is one thing, but I wanted this to feel good, and it does. Fundamentally it’s a utilitarian item, but it rides and handles like a piece of jewelry.

Weights and Measurements: The GearPull is 1/8″ thick, and 9/16″ wide by 2 & 5/8″ tall after forming. More specific dimensions are illustrated below. The weights are as follows:

  • Brass–25.5grams.
  • Copper–27grams.
  • Titanium–14.5grams.

Drop 5 US quarters into your pocket to get a feel for the weight of the brass and copper units. The titanium option weighs about 45% less than the others.

Please note: The drawing above displays the FINAL design. Look closely at the image on the right without any numbers and you will see it contains two fewer holes than the majority of the pictures I’ve used in this description. With this exception, the item you are pledging for is identical to what is shown in the description and in the video.

It is what it is: What I love most about the GearPull is that it allows one to carry multiple tools, without attempting to be a multi-tool itself. I don’t want an integral bottle opener, pry tip/box cutter, hex wrench or any other gimmick as a permanent fixture on my Dangler! In my opinion all those extras just compromise aesthetics while offering minimal additional utility in return. Simplicity is fundamental to good design, the GearPull is fundamentally simple.

Makers Mark: Visible or Invisible? It’s your choice.

The makers mark on the GearPull is derived from the coat of arms of my father’s family. He was an artist and felt strongly about this symbol, and often integrated into his work. Every GearPull will be stamped, with the emblem located either clearly on the front or discreetly on the back of the plate at the end of the hook, depending on your preference. No need to decide now, you will be asked to fill out a survey at the end of the campaign and can let me know then.

Finish and Refinishing: Each GearPull is finished and formed by hand, so no two will be exactly alike. This is a simple object but a lot of thought went into the look and feel of it. I want you to love this thing every time you look at it, and I want it to look good forever. All versions will be polished and buffed to a high luster. My own opinion is that like leather, these raw metals are living materials which look better with age and use. But I realize you may not feel the same way, so I’m willing to make the following offer, only to my backers here on Kickstarter. When your GearPull becomes dull, scratched, oxidized or patinated, just send it back to me, with a SASE. I’ll make it look new again free of charge up to twice per year per GearPull, for the next 25 years. This will not be an option on the production models.

If you back my project you will receive:

  • Your chosen GearPull.
  • Refinishing for the next 25 years free of charge, limited to two times per unit per year.

Why do I need your support and how will your pledges be spent?

The prototype for this design was cut entirely by hand. I was really satisfied with the results and was inspired to take the concept a step further, making the GearPull available to everyone. The samples pictured here were drawn up in auto cad and cut locally by water jet, then finished by hand. The only way I can make these affordable is to have the production models cut and machined the same way, and the only way I can raise the funds to do that is with the support and backing of the Kickstarter community. They are not being pumped out by a product fulfillment company, they’re being finished one-by-one in my studio. Beyond the upfront material costs, I need numerous supplies that will allow me to make these as great as they can be and deliver them to you on time, as promised. I’m really excited to be part of what I’ve come to understand is a resurgent movement of independent craftsmen, building things in small batches here at home. Your support helps me and my collaborators pay our expenses and support our families, and ensures that we stay motivated to keep dreaming up new ideas going forward.

Shipping & Delivery: These will be shipped according to the schedule detailed in the rewards section. US backers get theirs via 1st class mail with delivery confirmation; international shipments go out via international registered mail with tracking. Early adopters (Level 1) get theirs first, sometime in September. International buyers, regardless of when they pledge, must add an additional fee to their purchase to cover shipping.


C385 BrassC385 Brass
C110 Pure copperC110 Pure copper
CP2 Pure TitaniumCP2 Pure Titanium