Carbon Fiber/ Kevlar Minimalist Wallet by ROYAL #kickstarter #fashion

A wallet that speaks originality made from genuine Carbon Fiber. Cool Minimal ROYAL

Lime Green/Green/Black Carbon Fiber Minimalist WalletLime Green/Green/Black Carbon Fiber Minimalist Wallet

Super Slim!

Wallet Material Options

Holographic Carbon Fiber

Top- Chrome, Blue, Silver Bottom-Green, RedTop- Chrome, Blue, Silver Bottom-Green, Red

Carbon Fiber

Top- Blue, Green, Orange Bottom- Red, YellowTop- Blue, Green, Orange Bottom- Red, Yellow
Top- Gold, White, Black Bottom- Lime Green, Purple, PinkTop- Gold, White, Black Bottom- Lime Green, Purple, Pink

Carbon Fiber/ Kevlar

Top- (Dual Twill) Orange, Red, Blue Bottom- Orange, Red, BlueTop- (Dual Twill) Orange, Red, Blue Bottom- Orange, Red, Blue

Carbon Fiber Minimalist Wallet by ROYAL

Hey Guys! As you can see we have created a wallet thats cool, hip and colorful but best of all extremely practical! The Carbon Fiber Minimalist Wallet by ROYAL is the highest in luxury wallets! Made from genuine carbon fiber cloth this product is not only durable, but also amazingly beautiful at the same time! As we all know minimalist wallets are in style! Our wallet keeps your cards and cash organized in a thin and stealth like wallet. As you can see our wallets are like non other. My goal was to make something that not only looked cool but worked! I was sick and tired of seeing the same leather or metal wallets. They just all seemed way to bland for my liking… They didn’t POP, they didn’t command the room when you pulled them out. So I set out to create something better, something new, something thats never been done before!… Why not Carbon Fiber??! I promise you this is a wallet like non other made to not only be a fashion statement, but to keep your pockets smaller and less cluttered. Our goal was to make a wallet brand that was different, and by golly we did!

The Story

The Carbon Fiber Minimalist wallet started a couple months ago as just a dream. Then after sketching my ideas and doing some research I found a great carbon fiber retailer in Wisconsin. I had them send me a couple sheets of carbon fiber. It took many practice wallets before I nailed it! After ordering some of their new colored carbon fiber cloth I was ready to go! That lead me to my first prototypes. (seen above)


Lets talk Carbon Fiber!

Well Carbon fiber has to be one of my favorite materials in the world! Its not only super strong, but rather stylish in my opinion. Carbon fiber screams luxury. You can find it on the most expensive exotic cars, watches, yachts, jets and more! When in its solid state carbon fiber can stop a bullet! This stuff is Crazy Strong! Crazy Light! And Crazy Sexy! I mean hey if Lamborghini’s using it on their half a million dollar super car’s then it must be doing something right!

Genuine Carbon Fiber ClothGenuine Carbon Fiber Cloth

My Story

Hi my names Chris Enriquez and im the creator of the Carbon Fiber Minimalist Wallet by Royal. I live in the suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Im an entrepreneur, designer and app developer. My past experience in the fashion industry includes starting my own hockey clothing brand. I understand how to take a prototype to the market. I have many connections in this industry.

Why We Need YOU!

Well its true we really do need your help to do this! At this point all our wallets are just prototypes. We know we have something big, but we need you! We need funds to buy greater quantities of carbon fiber, hire worker, find a production facility, and streamline the creation process. We promise to put every hard earned dollar to work. We really need your help with this guys! As soon as we hit our funding goal we will be able to actually start producing our wallets for the public!

Manufacturing Plan

We have looked into many different manufacturing facilities throughout the midwest. At this point we are leaning towards a small plant in Minneapolis. Our plan is to create as many wallets in house before we make our decision. We strive for only the highest quality, and keeping it in house for the time being is the best way to do that. I have already found many eager staff (friends/family) that will help me fulfill ALL order ON TIME!