The Wish #kickstarter a novel by Michael Scanlon #selfpublishing

The Wish – a novel

by Michael Scanlon

Have you ever made a wish that you regretted when it came true?

What is The Wish?

The Wish is a young adult novel in which Sara Jones, a fourteen year old girl vacationing in New York City, makes an offhand wish in her mind while speaking to a fortune teller, that her brother would “just go away”. When he tragically dies in an accident the next day, her life is thrown into a tailspin of grief and guilt, culminating in her decision to run away and travel alone from her home in California back to New York to seek out the fortune teller and try to undo her wish.

Along her journey, the previously sheltered Sara is confronted with the ever present fear of her true identity being found out, the strain of the guilt she feels compounded by what she knows she must be putting her parents through, and encountering dangerous situations that she is ill prepared to deal with on her own; all while coping with the normal insecurities that a young girl coming of age experiences. She also meets Jessica, the free spirited college student with an appetite for trouble, as well as Dylan, the handsome friendly boy who has had his share of tragedy in his own life.

What happens when Sara gets back to New York City? Now, you wouldn’t want me to ruin the ending for you, would you?

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Why The Wish?

I’ve been writing all my life, and I feel that having taught teenagers for over a decade, I have insight into some of the challenges they face trying to establish a personal feeling of “self” and identity in a world that is less and less private every day.

One of the major themes of The Wish is the fine line between accepting responsibility and not blaming yourself for the things that you cannot control. Teens today constantly blame themselves for things that are beyond their control, such as a divorce in their family, as well as other issues that many families face. In The Wish I explore this issue as well as others that I’ve borne witness to through my years of working with teenagers.

Who is this novel for?

The Wish is for anyone who has ever experienced guilt over something they could not control, as well as for those who enjoy adventure and self discovery. Although written for older middle-schoolers through high school teens, the themes in the book are ones that all adults have gone through at one point in their lives.