Tweet Stalker – Free Twitter Marketing Software!

Allow me to introduce Tweet Stalker!

You simply enter your account information and an account whose followers you would like to follow. Tweet Stalker works off the follow back system in that every time you follow someone there is a chance they will follow you back. Tweet Stalker is great if you’re trying to interact with your completions followers. Simply enter their Twitter account name and Tweet Stalker will follow one of their followers every 5-30 seconds. The reason why it’s 5-30 seconds is to ensure your account doesn’t get in trouble for following accounts too quickly.

Your password is 100% safe and I will never have access to your account information. I’m sure there are a lot of programs that can do what Tweet Stalker does but Tweet Stalker is 100% FREE

Just click on this link and a zip file with Tweet Stalker will download

Then enter the below information when asked. You will only have to enter this information once.


And that’s it. Tweet Stalker is now yours forever to do with whatever you like.

Remember not to follow more than 100 users within a 24 hour period and if you are going to follow a large amount of users DO NOT UNFOLLOW A LARGE AMOUNT OF USERS WITHIN THAT SAME DAY. THIS COULD GET YOUR ACCOUNT IN TROUBLE!