Give Me Attention Twitter Marketing Software for ony $5!

Give Me Attention! is a bot that guarantees a new follower to your Twitter account every 2-15 minutes. Unlike most of the Twitter marketing software I’ve seen, Give Me Attention! doesn’t require your Twitter account password, proxies or following users.

You simply enter a Twitter handle, a keyword you would like to market to and how many new followers you would like. Give Me Attention! logs into a catalog of fully profiled Twitter accounts and delivers a new follower every 2-15 minutes. The account also does a small series of actions, making it look as human as possible. Things like sending a few Tweets, following other users based off the Keyword you’ve given or following back users. These actions ensure the accounts look as human as possible and that they’re interacting with other accounts you would like to market to.

– It runs off its own private proxies.

– You can enter any Twitter account you like! You’ll be able to sell followers or just make sure all your accounts have a strong following.


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