ProsPosition-Cracking the Code of the Golf Swing


ProsPosition-Cracking the Code of the Golf Swing


By using the Pros Position you don’t just fix your drives, or approach shots, or your irons and fairway shots,…you fix them all.

The ProsPosition: Cracking the Code of the Golf Swing

The Greatest Challenge Most Golfers Face:

  • Slicing – Insufficient hip turn
  • Pull Hooking – Improper backswing angle
  • Inconsistent Ball Contact – “Fly Away” arms
  • Hitting the Ground – Improper swing path

ANY ONE of these will cause a mis-hit, and you can get rid of all four IMMEDIATELY.

Check Out This Video to See What We Mean:

What Professional Golfers Do, That Most of us Don’t:

Every golfer has a unique swing that looks different through their swing. Even the pros. However, at the moment the club-face touches the ball, every professional and every excellent golfer looks almost identical. Take a look at any major golf publication that has a frame by frame breakdown of a pro golfer’s swing. Each issue highlights a different professional golfer. If you compare these breakdowns they will show you that some take the club back flat and some on a steep angle. Some follow through all the way, and some stop early. But at impact, the only point in the swing that truly matters, they all have their hips turned about 45 degrees to the target line and the elbow of their lower hand close to their hip as they strike the ball. That is the professional position at impact.

So What IS the ProsPosition?

The ProsPosition is a patented golf solution designed to suit any golfer. This lightweight tool fits discretely in your pocket until you’re ready to swing. At that point, you simply clip it onto your belt, swing away and let the Pros Position notify you when you’re making an error.

The ProsPosition training aid is the only training aid in the world which lets you feel what the pros feel on every full swing. When you’re swinging the golf club like a pro, you won’t even know it is attached. But when you swing like a beginner, you’ll knock your elbow into it and close the paddle against your hip. It is the simplest, most effective teaching aid you will ever use.

What’s the Story Behind the ProsPosition?

The Pros Position is a product that was born out of a lesson with a friend and former pro. During the lesson he pointed to a Golf magazine’s photo break-downs of various professional golfers. His observation was that although they all look different at the top of the back swing and after follow through, they are identical at the point of impact. This is the only point of the swing which truly matters. The challenge was how to achieve this through a device that could provide immediate feedback without being ponderously awkward. I developed this with an engineer, who sent the designs to the Robert Byrd Institute in WV. After several years and many variations we came up with the current, highly efficient, and functional design.

We have a web site developed, manufacturing operations with prototype completed, and marketing channels established. I have also worked on a different golf product in 2006 and learned an enormous amount about how to properly market such a device. Once we have completed all R&D on the final design we will begin producing a small amount of inventory (1,000 units) and roll out the marketing campaign. Once the initial inventory is 75% sold we will obtain consumer feedback, make any modifications (if necessary) and immediately increase inventory to 5,000 units. We will likewise increase marketing channels to include retail opportunities.

Why Will Golfers LOVE the ProsPosition?

(Other than because of our tagline, “When It’s Pros…It’s Poetry” – Get it?)

If you’re a golfer, and you’re not a professional, chances are good you’ve had some of the issues listed below. And if that’s correct, you absolutely identify with all the frustration that can bring(especially if you’re golfing in front ofother people).

•If you are bringing the club back too close to your body, it corrects you.

•If your arms aren’t working with your torso, it corrects you.

•If you don’t turn your hips before impact, it corrects this too.

•It has a multi-directional pivot point which allows it to be used by right handed and left handed golfers alike. Once it is placed on the golfer’s hip it provides a perfect guide for taking the club back on the proper plane, and the perfect touch point for the leading elbow at impact and follow through.

•It fits discretely in your pocket or golf bag.

•Immediate feedback allows you know when you are swinging properly, and when you are not.

That being said, if there was a golf aid that could help you look less embarrassing on the course, you would likely jump at the chance to do that. Which is why the golf merchandise industry brings in revenue of approximately $25 BILLION a year worldwide.

Why Should You Fund the ProsPosition?

• By funding at $40, you can have one of the first ones and get better at golf than your friends

• Your birthday/Father’s Day shopping is taken care of in a snap(you’re welcome Dad)

• You’re helping the golf community gain street cred

• You’ll stop losing those $5 golf balls ( It’ll save you money )

• You’ll win more golf bets ( It’ll make you money )

• You’ll actually look like a golfer

Product Dimensions:

Length: 4 7/8inches

Height: 3 3/4 inches

Thickness: 1/2 inch

Weight: 3 oz.

RISKS AND CHALLENGESLearn about accountability on Kickstarter

We are mindful of the many opportunities in the market for a viable well designed golf training aid. We are also aware that there are a number of hurdles which can derail even the best conceived products. Having been through this process before, we do not underestimate the challenges associated with bringing a product to market.
Chief among these hurdles are proper testing of the device, sufficient financing, appropriate marketing message, direct marketing channels to consumers, inexperienced personnel, adequate inventory levels for quick order fulfillment, responsive customer service, and unrealistic expectations. New products offered by new brands have an inherent level of caution applied to them by the consumer. Rightly so. Too many times a new product comes to market which over promises and under delivers. This is a certain failure no matter how quickly it begins to sell. In the current age of instant consumer feedback it is critical to have the product performing exactly as it is marketed, or even better. Once objective third party reviews and positive feedback are provided to the market, credibility is established and strengthened.
Our approach is to ensure that the Pros Position is market ready from the very first unit. Our prototype has undergone significant use in a multitude of conditions. It has been subjected to a large number of golfers of vastly divergent skill level. From Professional golfer to pre-teen golfer, it has seen impact from right handed and left handed golfers alike, and still it performs as though it were new. By subjecting the Pros Position to such rigorous trials we are confident of its ability to perform for the consumer. After ensuring the product’s durability, we must be certain of its consistency. The first unit must be, in form and function, the same as the 900,000th unit. Adequate financing allows for modifications in production and design if initial product runs do not meet performance standards. Even after stringent design specifications, this problem does occur. Without proper resources it can be disastrous.
Once the comfort level of a market ready product has been achieved it is necessary to promote it as quickly and broadly as possible. Through accounts currently in place on all major social media sites, an aggressive email campaign, and placement in appropriate magazine placements, we will generate base level sales sufficient to support additional marketing efforts and grow our inventory. Once achieved, we will be in a position to offer large quantity purchases to retail outlets, and home shopping television channels.
In the parlance of the business world we have conducted a SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats) analysis of this business model and have provided the following:
• Strengths – an experienced management team, a market tested product, and low cost company infrastructure
• Weaknesses – insufficient capital, insufficient inventory, part time application of talent to tasks
• Opportunities – a $25 billion golf industry, multiple successful competitive products that do not perform as well as ours, 2 additional products in development
• Threats – other than swarming locusts, stagnant growth in the golf industry, uncertainty of production capabilities, better funded counterfeit products, illegal reproduction into emerging markets
Once funding goals are met we are extremely confident we will be able to take full advantage of the ‘first mover principle’ and dominate this market segment before any legitimate threat is formed.
Thank you for your time and consideration, we appreciate all of your help and support.