Help defend Christine Santos – a voice for the neglected animals. #Indiegogo


Legal fees mounting.

Please help defend former Marineland employee Christine Santos – a voice for the neglected animals.

Marineland whistleblowers need your help!

To date, 15 ex-employees have bravely spoken out about Marineland’s poor treatment of animals; and now the corporation has taken legal action against one.

On Oct 17th, Christine Santos was fired after not signing a document that included a statement she’d never seen animal abuse at the park. Shortly thereafter, Marineland served a $1.25 million defamation lawsuit against the former trainer for telling the Toronto Star a killer whale was sporadically bleeding from its tail.

Kiska, Marineland’s lone killer whale is now without her most trusted trainer.

The defamation suit (widely known as a SLAPP suit) is a common strategy employed by corporations to insight fear into critics, while spending defendants into the ground. At a cost of $325/hr for a lawyer, who can compete with cash rich corporate giants?

This is no longer just about animal protection. This is now a social justice issue.

Sadly, suits of this nature can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and if we don’t raise the necessary funds, the plight of Marineland’s animals will go silent, leaving Christine bankrupt.

This is Marineland’s intent. This is how they win.

Please help us send a clear message to Marineland, that we as a community of animal lovers and social justice seekers WILL NOT BE SILENCED!

Any and all proceeds will be provided solely for the expenses incurred in defending any and all the whislteblowers, with unused proceeds being dedicated to the continued avocation for Ontario’s captive animals.

We have much unfinished business to settle.

Thank you humbly and stay tuned.

Philip Demers