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Capitalism Must Die!

A short book of very simple, basic, accessible revolutionary theory with text, illustrations & comics: how capitalism works, why it’s evil, how to crush it.

Capitalism Must Die! How to Kill Capitalism before it Kills Us will be a short (approximately 124 pages), simple book (with text, comics and illustrations) explaining capitalism: how it works, why it’s evil, and how to crush it. It’s very basic and accessible theory for the beginning revolutionary.

The book will be printed in black and white, as cheaply as possible so more people can get it and use it. There will also be an ebook in full color.

With the funds I raise here, I’ll be able to focus for the next few months on producing this book, without needing to do additional freelance work. If I don’t make my goal, I will still take partial funding and produce the book no matter what (and you will still get your rewards). If I receive extra funding, I have more books planned (two books on general revolutionary concepts, and one on essential principles & practices for effective revolutionaries) and any extra funds will help me produce those too!

As an organizer, I often need materials that will help clarify basic concepts, to assist myself and others in understanding this nightmare of a system, as well as to introduce the theories – the guidelines – that could help us end it. We need to fashion our own tools to build a revolutionary movement. I haven’t been able to find all materials I need, so I decided to make some myself. If I need them, others might need them too.

For this book, I will combine my skills as a long-time organizer, writer, and award-winning cartoonist (RFK Journalism Award 2012, Society of Professional Journalists’ Sigma Delta Chi 2010, Adbusters Creative Resistance Award, among others). I’ve learned through my 20-year career as a cartoonist (published in hundreds of venues including the Los Angeles Times, South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Daily Beast, Z Magazine and the Occupied Wall Street Journal) that editorial cartoons must be sharp, to-the-point, and easy to understand. Revolutionary theory can be all those things as well.

Topics to be included:

  • What capitalism is, and what it is not
  • How capitalism functions: its economic mechanisms and social dynamics
  • Why capitalism is inherently expansionist
  • Why war, ecocide and poverty are inevitable effects of capitalism
  • Why no one – even capitalists themselves– has the power to make the system more humane or less destructive
  • What must be done to destroy capitalism
  • Who is in a position to damage and destroy it, and who are their allies in that struggle
  • What is the difference between profit and surplus value, and why that is important
  • Why attacking capitalism’s awful effects is not a viable strategy
  • What are the structural weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the system

This book is an expanded version of a talk and slide show I gave last year at a day-long event called Earth at Risk, at the University of California at Berkeley, organized by Derrick Jensen, with Arundhati Roy and several other speakers. Many people approached me afterward to ask if I would make the talk widely available. This book is the result.

Here’s some recent reader feedback:

“I like what you’re doing with this series of graphic presentations. Very educational, while still remaining fun to look at.”
– Sean Michael Dodd

“I look forward to the new cartoons. Sometimes they are revelatory and I perceive a new insight into something I thought I already had a full understanding of. You are able to encapsulate big concepts in succinct and thoughtful ways.”
– Duccio

“Yours is an especially tough message to hustle — that all these feel good recycling type things individuals are doing mean nothing if we dont shift systemically. We collectively dont actually want to hear this message, we are trying to dodge it. But then your clever cartoons come along. And we like cartoons and we read them, and we are shaken up and we can’t just go back to pretending.”
– Paxus Calta-Star

Please spread the word about this campaign to your friends and contacts.

Thanks in advance to everyone who donates! And to Indiegogo for providing the platform, and to Ted Rall for his very nice narration.

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For anyone who has the impulse to say: “Isn’t it hypocritical to be raising money when you’re against capitalism?!?”, I would like to point out that as long as we do live under capitalism, there is still rent to pay, food to buy, printers to pay, etc. I’m seeking subsistence and production costs only, and there’s little danger of me using the money to open a book sweatshop where I put desperate writers and cartoonists to work on my assembly line, while I lie around sipping mojitos… Hm… wait a minute….can I do that?

UPDATE 1/31:

What happens if the book receives more than the goal?

If funding reaches $8,000, then I’ll send 25 free copies to the libraries, colleges and universities — spreading the anti-capitalist message! If you’d like to add one to the list, please forward this to your favorite librarian, professor or teacher, and have them email me their mailing address (steph (at) minimumsecurity (dot) net), or contact me here in the comments section.