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My name is Chris Dickens. My best friend Phil Morgenthaler and I created Vigilante Project back in 2009 as a film endeavor. In July 2011 we started working on the comic book series, releasing our first book The Confessional at the Comikaze Expo in November 2011.

Since then we have released two more books: VP#1 with the help of Kickstarter, and VP Presents: Date Night, a special edition book. Now, we have returned to Kickstarter because we need your help to finish and print Volume One of the Vigilante Project graphic novel.

Check out our mock press conference announcing the return to Kickstarter, and you can scroll down to the bottom for even more videos!

For more about us, check out the exclusive, in-depth interview with Chris and Phil, the creators, talking about Vigilante Project and our return to Kickstarter with Dr. Heather Joseph-Witham of Mythbusters fame.

Our main character is Alvin Gentry. He’s a normal college student with a dark past. When Alvin’s kid sister is kidnapped, raped, and murdered, he initially trusts the police to find the person responsible. As the investigation stalls, Alvin uncovers a clue that could help solve the case.

Ignored by police and with more and more time passing, our hero decides to find the assailant himself. With no special training, experience, or resources Alvin takes on what he calls his vigilante project and sets out to find his sister’s killer. But Alvin can’t just become a vigilante, he has to learn how. What would you do? Where would you start?

Along the way Alvin seeks counsel from a local priest, crosses a local gang with ties to organized crime, and falls in love with his married apartment manager Rebecca. But when Alvin discovers that there is more to his sister’s disappearance than meets the eye, he will take on more than he ever expected, risking it all to save another little girl that is being held by the same man.

VP#1: The Guitar Hero is available to read on our site as a webcomic. Click here to read VP#1.

The Vigilante Project graphic novel will combine books 1, 2, 3, and 4, plus our preview book or Ashcan into one complete collection. When finished, it will be approximately 120 pages long, and in full color.

Our goal is to raise $7,000 to cover production, printing, and expenses for this graphic novel project. Any funds raised above and beyond $7,000 will go toward our stretch goals (see below), and to the production and promotion of future books and graphic novels.

$7,000 seems like a lot of money. However, when you consider the cost and factors involved with finishing the product, fulfilling orders, and shipping rewards, it’s easy to understand how we came to that number. Check out the break down below.

PRINTING: In the interest of keeping our printer’s quotes private, we won’t post a specific quantities or dollar amounts. However, printing costs are the bulk of our target dollar amount. Costs vary based on a variety of factors including the kind of paper used, the type of binding, etc. As you can imagine, the bigger the order we place, the better the price we get. We have made the most logical decision possible to get us enough supply at the best price, but the cost is still sizable.

CREATIVE:Only a portion of the $7,000 will actually go to the creative production of the book. While we (Chris and Phil) are the creators and faces of Vigilante Project, we account for only the writing of the book. We have four artists (Pencils, Inks, Color, and Letters) that contribute to each issue of Vigilante Project. This Kickstarter will cover artist salaries for VP #3 and the VP #1 Epilogue if we hit that stretch goal.

FEES: Kickstarter/Amazon Fees – Roughly 8%-10% of final funding

SHIPPING: The cost of shipping the rewards to our backers can add up very quickly. We had to take these cost of postage and shipping supplies into account as well.

The rewards are listed to the right, but I wanted to take a moment to expound on some of the different levels, and available rewards. After the Kickstarter campaign concludes, if we are successful, we will send you a survey asking for your shipping information and your choice of t-shirt and other prizes.

T-SHIRTS: We have a number of t-shirts for you to choose from. Take a look at our Online Store to see which shirt you might like as a reward.

POSTERS: For this Kickstarter’s poster reward, we have commissioned renowned artist Jimbo Salgado to provide the artwork. Jimbo is an amazing cover artist for IDW and is also the primary artist on their Transformers title. You can check out Jimbo’s work on his Facebook and Deviant Art pages.

CUSTOM CHARACTERS: The Brown Belt level and above offer custom digital commission of you or your favorite characters. We have a team of overwhelmingly talented artists to accomplish this task, and I want to show you a couple of quick examples. The first is of Vigilante Project friend Sarah Reinertsen. We liked this pose but wanted Sarah in athletic wear since she is known as a world class athlete. The other is a commission that we did for a friend to give his girlfriend Heather for Christmas.

Sarah as a comic book characterSarah as a comic book character
The finished product!The finished product!
Heather "the Hammer"Heather “the Hammer”

RICK and SARAH: Our Blue Belt level and above get you signed rewards from Vigilante Project friends Rick Worthy and Sarah Reinertsen. To learn more about how Rick and Sarah are involved with Vigilante Project, click on their names, or on their respective photos below.

Rick Worthy

Comikaze 2012Comikaze 2012

Sarah Reinertsen

WonderCon 2012WonderCon 2012

“Just got Issue #1 in the mail: BEAUTIFUL, just beautiful. A real page-turner. Alvin is BADASS and I can’t wait for Book Two.” – Guy Staats

“The first issue is freakin’ awesome! I can’t wait for more…you’ve renewed my interest in comics!” – Camille Bohmer

“…it definitely delivered. I really enjoyed the first issue, and… I think VP has a lot of potential and staying power.” – Justin Martin of “RSquared Comicz” – Read the whole review by clicking here

“Not often do I get a comic that starts off with a confessional and ends with a gun drawn to a character’s head. The juxtaposition of faith and violence, really grabbed my attention and I enjoyed every moment of it.” – Jacques Nyemb of Click here to read the entire review

“Every once in a while I’ll get sent something like Vigilante Project. It’s (something) you know a lot of good people have worked very hard to achieve that also happens to be fun and exciting.” – Ezequiel Gutierrez of Best Geek Blog Ever — Read the rest of the review here