Sadie Vs. Big Mouth- A child’s picture book #Kickstarter

A child’s picture book and heartwarming tale of a dog, Sadie, dealing with her jealousy of her new family’s trash can, Big Mouth.

Sadie is a mongrel… a mutt… a MESS! After Sadie is rescued from the local shelter, she finds a home with the Kramer’s; a loving family of three; and that’s when life gets really interesting.

Big Mouth is Sadie’s arch-nemesis. A tall, plastic, greedy fellow that lives in the kitchen and gets all the good food that Sadie wants. Join Sadie on her adventures of learning about the world, food, jealousy, fear, and most of all love.

This is only the beginning of Sadie’s adventures! “Sadie Vs. Big Mouth” is the first in a series of books that will answer some of kids’ common questions like “If my family loves me, why don’t they let me do or have what I want?”

So where is your money going? We’re ambitious, but not overly so – we’re not trying to make any profit from this. We want to see the book out there in your hands and touching people’s lives with Sadie’s charm and message. Absolutely 100% of what we raise here goes to the manufacturing and distribution of the book and the supplies/fees to make it happen. Check out this nifty pie chart we’re really proud of:

*All extra $$ will go to trademarking, copyright renewals, etc. as well as publishing the next books in the series and donated copies to charities and a few little “extras” in your shipments if possible. If we hit $7000 we will be sending some extra goodies to everyone and if we hit $10,000 we are hoping to print in Spanish!*